Artists Who Make Us Thankful

This year, we’ve discovered some amazing artists that have gone above and beyond in making the world a better place–rather it’s from inspiring through their music or starting non-profits to help youth succeed. We’re calling out our favorites, so you can follow and support them.

Scott Shriner

Does his name not sound familiar? Have you heard of Weezer? Scott’s the bass guitarist for the cult-favorite alt-rock band and the father of an 11-year-old boy, Jovi. He and his wife used to foster but when then met Jovi, it was love at first sight.

Source: Jillian Lauren’s website (Meet Our Son)

In 2017, this couple was featured in a RaiseAChild campaign, called “Reimagining Foster Parents”. His family continues to engage and educate others about foster care and adoption.

Jimmy Wayne

Source: Jimmy Wayne’s Website

Jimmy Wayne is a country music singer and songwriter. Like most youth in care, he moved around foster homes until a 75-year-old lady, Bea opened her house and gave him an opportunity to finish high school. Thanks to her and her husband, he was able to finish his education and pursue his career as a musician.

Source: Good HouseKeeping

He’s dedicated his music career to spreading awareness about foster care, with songs like “Paper Angels” and “I Love You This Much”. In 2010, Jimmy Forrest Gumped his way from Nashville to Phoneix just to spread awareness about the struggles of aging out of the foster care system. In fact, he has helped the extend the age of foster care from 18 to 21 in California and Tennessee. Jimmy has also written 2 books–Paper Angels, a novel-turned-into-movie, and Walk to Beautiful, a best-selling memoir–about foster care.

Lava La Rue

The Guardian has called her the “One To Watch”. She may be the youngest on this list, but she’s been making music for nearly a decade! While in foster care, Lava dived into the music world at 14 years old. The creative teen collective, NiNE8, knows her as the House Mother. That’s queer talk for supporter, founder, and producer of a proud self-chosen family. Now her music is about unity and diversity celebration.

Source: The Line of Best Fit

Despite being so young, Lava La Rue stays woke as she is deeply aware of the juxtaposition of living in her community. She often speaks up about gentrification and separation of class in her interviews and music. Somehow, her music is still upbeat, groovy, and catchy with hints of 90s R&B inspiration. Check out her cool West London style in this music video for her breakout song “Widdit”.

Steven Tyler

This Aerosmith rocker needs no introduction; however, many people do not know that Steven Tyler has made it his life’s work to improving the lives of young women traumatized by sexual assault. He has donated half a million to his foundation Janie’s Fund, dedicated to supporting neglected young girls. The name is inspired by his song ‘Janie’s Got a Gun’ which was released more than 26 years ago. The song is inspired by his own road to recovery, where he met a young girl who was abused by her father.

Source: Grammy Awards

For the past 2 years, he has thrown an annual Grammy Awards viewing party for Janie’s fund that has raised millions of dollars.

Love is love reflected, and that’s what Janie’s Fund does.

Steven Tyler


Despite having massive success since the beginning of the century, Jewel hasn’t been without her own tribulations. She came from a working-class family that struggled with money, abuse, and eventually homelessness. Her comeback ballad, “No More Tears” is born from the documentary “Lost in America, which points out the root of youth homelessness and the failures of the foster care system.