Ana Ortiz Wienken has quite the origin story. She spent her first year at an orphanage in Romania, but after adoption, she’s become an amazing pianist–graduating from Berklee College of Music and now composing scores for TV shows and films. Book a lesson with her at

Music has always been the most powerful form of communication, which in addition is presented in a global etymology. I can say that I had a lovely childhood and most of it was because of music and my passion for playing and learning. I was always curious about the meaning behind the songs I listened to and internally, I used to break those songs into sections. All these aspects drove me closer to my musical career; they became the main building blocks of my profession. However, all of this had a beginning and a very intricate one!

I was a child living in an orphanage in the far lands of Romania. I was adopted when I was 1 year old and after the stress of moving out so far and being in a country I wasn’t familiar with, I couldn’t develop a correct verbal communication, however, my only form of escape was playing the piano. I could communicate with my new family through notes and musical songs. My mom saw that I had a special talent for music and later, I was accepted into The Russian Conservatory.


My musical career has been a long and constant tray of effort and passion. I completed my Bachelor degree in Piano Performance at my conservatory. Later, I graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and obtained another BA degree in Film Scoring, which is the composition of soundtracks and sound design in a motion picture.


I am currently based in Los Angeles and have a studio to compose music for any upcoming films or TV shows as well as for teaching piano and composition lessons! I am also working with national and international companies, such as Music and Motion Productions and Chroma Music INC as well as Sub Under Studios.

How has music changed my life? Well, it can be said that music has always been my form of communication but mostly my personal space where I can escape every time I feel stressed. It is the most therapeutic element present in our nature. We constantly need the warmth of melodies like lullabies; we need the craziness of electronic or pop music for when we dance. I am still proudly working in the music industry and I aspire to continue this journey and continue learning from it, but mostly, I look forward to helping other people tell their story and heal through music!