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Thank you for your interest in teaching with Care2Rock!

Through Care2Rock, musicians make a unique “double difference” in the world: 1) They teach paid lessons to the public via our website; and 2) they agree to teach free lessons to a child in foster care for up to a year, either online or in person. If a teacher is unable to volunteer, we donate $2 to a partner agency that helps youth in foster care succeed.

Why teach with Care2Rock?

  • Supplemental income – Make extra money when you’re not teaching regularly scheduled classes or students, or when you’re not touring or playing regular gigs.
  • Time flexibility – Set your own schedule to accommodate regular teaching, touring or other obligations.
  • Broader reach – Teach students from a wide variety of geographic locations.
  • Topline technology – Work using Web RTC, a leading-edge video conferencing platform that provides a real-time, high-quality audio and video experience, with no PIN codes to remember or software to download. 
  • Recording capabilities – Record your instruction to enhance the lesson experience and move students forward faster.
  • Secure platform – Rest assured with the knowledge that our program is fully compliant with COPPA [Child Online Privacy Protection Act], and safe for kids to use.
  • Deeper impact – Permanently and positively change a life by agreeing to musically mentor one child in foster care, in addition to teaching our paying customers.

Care2Rock is an impact-focused L3C website – most of our teachers volunteer to serve as a musical mentor for one child in foster care every week for up to a year on our lesson platform For more about our cause and why you should be part of it, click here.

  1. Interested in teaching? Click Here!
  1. We’ll contact you via email to schedule an interview.
  1. Once you’re approved as a Care2Rock teacher, complete your profile on our website and provide your availability to meet with or teach students using our calendaring system.
  • If you’re currently a teacher, you must have taught music for a minimum of two years, and you must provide a reference relevant to that experience.
  • If you’re a working musician, you must have a minimum of four years’ experience either touring or working consistently otherwise as a professional musician, and you must provide a reference relevant to that experience.
  • All applicants must successfully complete a background check and short, live, online interview process, as well as sign a Teacher Agreement Form.
  • All applicants must have their own device with a webcam and consistent internet access. You might also want to use headphones for optimal audio quality. We recommend the use of Chrome or Firefox with our Web RTC platform.
  • All applicants are encouraged to volunteer as a musical mentor for one child in foster care weekly for up to a year, either online or in-person. If you choose not to volunteer, please spread the word about how our lessons are benefitting students in foster care! Click here to learn more about our cause.
  • Care2Rock has no application or profile set-up fees.
  • Care2Rock instructor pay is dependent on lesson length. Pay per lesson is as follows: $20 per 30 min lesson, $28 per 45 min lesson, and $36 per 60 min lesson. Volunteer teachers may be given a bonus for volunteer lessons at the end of the year.
  • After you have been approved to teach with C2R, you can quickly set up an account with Stripe here.  Teachers are paid weekly for the lessons conducted over the previous week.
  • Once you’re approved as a Care2Rock teacher, if you have agreed to musically mentor a child in foster at least three times a month for up to a year, then we’ll match you with a child in care as soon as possible – either online or in-person, depending upon geography and other factors. You are eligible for upgraded pay for every lesson as long as you are matched to volunteer with 1 student.
  • Once you’re matched, your volunteer student will book against your schedule, just like paying students.

Got questions? Please review the Teacher Quick Start Guide here.