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5 Musicians Making a Difference

Artists Who Make Us Thankful This year, we've discovered some amazing artists that have gone above and beyond in making the world a better place--rather it's from inspiring through their music or starting non-profits to help youth succeed. We're calling out our favorites, so you can follow and support them. Scott Shriner Does his name not [...]

NY Mag: Eddie Yarbrough Calls Care2Rock his lifeline

You probably know Eddie Yarbrough as the defensive end to NY Buffalo Bills, but we know Eddie Yarbrough as one of our students learning keyboard with Antwon Carson. Here's a short recording of 1 of their lessons! Beyond sports, who knew that Eddie is such an appreciator of music? Eddie lists his keyboard, ukulele, and [...]

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Does Learning Music Make You Smarter?

8 Reasons Why Music Education Improves Your Life Photo Credit: XiaoYi Huang Don't have the motivation this week to attend class? Here are 8 reasons why learning music improves your cognitive abilities in all other subjects. Better reading and verbal skills One study from the Northwestern University for instance theorized that there are five key skills that govern how well [...]

Care2Rock Talks to Investor Connect Podcast

Investor Connect is an informational podcast focused on early-seed funding. We were honored to talk to angel investor Hall T Martin about our process and challenges.  Listen to our discussion!

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2019 Highlight: Elevator Pitch!

Entrepreneur Magazine: Elevator Pitch! In May, we were invited on Entrepreneur's Elevator Pitch for their first episode of season 1. In 60 seconds, we had to sell the mission of Care2Rock to 4 investors for the opportunity to pitch our story further. Nerve-wracking to say the least. After a very long discussion, Karyn Scott [...]

Get Involved in Children’s Causes

When it comes to helping out, would you rather volunteer your services than simply donate money? Choosing a nonprofit to get involved or volunteer with can be overwhelming. That's why we narrowed down our top nonprofits focused on helping children in need so that you can put your time, talents, and effort to the best [...]

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Becoming a Guitar Major

Becoming a Guitar Major: How to Prepare by Jennifer Hughes So you’ve decided on taking up guitar in college and would like to know how you can prepare. What skills do you need to have? Before we lay out what you can expect from a guitar program, you should know that you would need to invest [...]