Care2Rock Independent Music Teacher Agreement (Teacher User Terms)


This user agreement is made between you as an independent teacher (teacher) and Care2Rock (referred to as “C2R”). This agreement is effective as soon as teacher or applicant begins using the C2R platform in any capacity until terminated by either party.  In order to terminate, teacher  must immediately discontinue using platform and give written notice to C2R.  Notice can be given by emailing C2R through an official C2R listed email address (teacher must request a return email acknowledging receipt of termination notice).  Once applicant or teacher is no longer using the platform for any reason (whether notified or otherwise),  applicant or teacher must immediately cease using all C2R materials, including any training materials or other materials generated by the C2R or use of the platform.  Platform refers to the C2R scheduling tool, conferencing tool, teacher bios, and all other parts of the C2R site not expressly mentioned here.  By using the platform, these terms become a binding agreement for all teachers and teacher applicants.  



The C2R platform may only be used for the intended purpose of teaching music lessons scheduled through the C2R site.  Any other use is in violation of this user agreement, and teacher may not use C2R platform for any other business or venture.  Teacher is contracted to teach online music lessons as scheduled through the C2R platform. While Care2Rock agrees to provide the video conferencing platform to connect teacher with students for music lessons, the teacher is to provide his/her own instruments, teaching materials,  music, and technology (internet resources, computer, webcam, and microphone). Care2Rock will be responsible for setting and collecting lesson fees from the students. Care2Rock’s scheduling system will provide the dates, times and total hours taught, and the teacher will provide any notes on the lesson within 24 hours of completing a lesson. In addition, notice of cancellation must be give 24 hours before a lesson is scheduled to take place (see cancellation provision).  The teacher is considered an independent contractor and is responsible for income tax, worker’s compensation, insurance and other such deductions and payments. If teacher collects over $600 in lesson fees in one calendar year, teacher must fill out and provide a W-9 to Care2Rock.


Platform Use

Teacher may use platform only for lawful purposes in accordance with this agreement (i.e. for the purpose of teaching music lessons scheduled through the C2R site), and may not assist others in using the platform for any unlawful or unpermitted purpose.  Teacher can not modify, sell, or translate any part of the C2R platform, nor can they mirror any part of the platform without express written consent of C2R.


Student Teacher Relationship

All lessons arranged by the C2R platform are considered proprietary to C2R. The teacher shall not offer or agree to teach current, prior or future C2R students outside of C2R or in any other manner than through lessons arranged by C2R. Unless express written permission is given by C2R, the teacher agrees not to contact the students, parents, guardians or any other party in connection with C2R enrolled or prior students outside of official C2R lessons and the C2R messaging portal.  The teacher shall not offer or agree to teach C2R lessons in the student’s homes or in the teacher’s residence, or in any manner except online through the C2R video platform, unless expressly agreed to by C2R.  Any teacher efforts to teach a student outside of the C2R platform with a student initiated through the C2R platform violates this agreement, whether or not contact is initiated by the student or the teacher.


The teacher shall not record any student in any manner (unless part of the C2R platform, and with student’s or – in the case of  a minor – the parent’s express written permission). The teacher shall keep a student’s information confidential and shall not share any specific information about a student unless approved by C2R.


Proprietary Care2Rock Information, Technology, and Confidentiality

Methods, technologies, and systems used by C2R are proprietary and are to be held in confidence and not to be duplicated, shared, or copied for use outside of C2R. The teacher will observe the guidelines of the ‘Teacher Information’ given to all teachers at the beginning of the usage term. C2R reserves the right to terminate teacher’s use of platform without written notice if any of the specified or implied terms of this agreement are not met or for any other reason in the discretion of C2R.



Upon account creation, teacher agrees to receive communication from C2R through the platform or C2R portal.  C2R expressly has the right to review any communications that are sent through the C2R portal.  Teachers are not allowed to contact C2R students or message them outside of the portal unless expressly agreed to by C2R.



Recording a lesson might be offered as an option to teachers or students.  If either party records the lesson, such recording must be expressly agreed to by both parties before the recording begins.  C2R owns the copyright to any such recordings, and recordings can’t be posted to any third party site, or given to a third party for any reason and in any capacity.  Recordings are not allowed outside of the C2R platform capabilities (no third party recordings of lessons on the site are allowed).  C2R reserves the right to record both teachers and students pursuant to this policy and consistent with the purposes of the site.


Background Check and capacity to utilize site

The teacher understands a background check and a DOJ sex offender registry check will be performed and agrees to provide a copy of his/her driver’s license to Care2Rock. If the background check provides information that for any reason indicates the teacher is not qualified to work with Care2Rock students, then the teacher will not be allowed to post a profile or participate on the site.  Teacher warrants that they are who they represent they are as demonstrated by their official identification, and are of majority age and have the capacity to enter into this agreement.

If teacher’s use of the platform violates any criminal law, whether felony or misdemeanor, C2R will report such violation to the appropriate authorities.



The teacher agrees to payment based on exhibit A to this agreement.  While every effort will be made by C2R to schedule lessons to fill the teacher’s schedule provided, C2R can not make any guarantee of enrollment being sufficient to fill a particular number of hours or income. Teachers are expected to provide at least 24 hours written notice of lesson cancellations, and to reschedule canceled lessons within 24 hours to take place within 2 weeks of the original date unless otherwise agreed to by the student.


Termination of user agreement

Either Care2Rock or the teacher may cancel this agreement at any time without issue of fault. The teacher will be responsible for completing any outstanding classes or obligations as set forth in this agreement before they are absolved of responsibility for the terms of this agreement.


Volunteer specifications

If the teacher agrees to volunteer for a child in care, the teacher shall keep all information about the student confidential.  The teacher agrees that volunteer commitments are unpaid, and that the payment structure set forth in Exhibit A does not apply to volunteer teaching assignments.  See the volunteer agreement for more information on volunteer obligations.  Note that all requirements and provisions of this user agreement also apply to volunteer teaching, excluding payment terms and obligations.


Teacher discretion

C2R does not provide lesson curriculum or directly supervise C2R teachers on the site. C2R is not liable for any act, omission, or negligence on the part of the teacher. Teachers should purchase their own general liability insurance before using the C2R site.


Lesson Payment

Teachers must set up an account with stripe in order to be paid.  Stripe will process lesson payments and deposit funds directly with teacher.


Lesson Cancellation

Teachers are obligated to teach any lesson scheduled within a 24 hour window before the lesson takes place.


Teacher cancellation

Teacher must give the student appropriate notice within the C2R platform within the 24 hour window, and agree to reschedule the lesson within 24 hours.  The rescheduled lesson is to take place within 2 weeks, unless a later date is expressly agreed to by the student.  Teachers who reschedule lessons repeatedly may face removal from the site.


Student cancellation

If a student cancels less than 24 hours before a lesson is set, the teacher will still be paid for the lesson.  If a student cancels more than 24 hours before a lesson is set, the lesson will be rescheduled.  



Students must request a refund within 24 hours of taking a lesson on the site.  If student is having a connectivity problem, the lesson should be stopped within the first 5 minutes of the lesson and rescheduled within 24 hours.  If lesson is refunded due to an inadequate lesson taught by the teacher, C2R reserves the right to revoke teacher’s status to teach on the platform. Lack of connectivity on the part of the teacher  (related to computer or internet connectivity)  renders the teacher ineligible for payment for the lesson.  The lesson will be rescheduled and teacher will be paid once lesson has been rescheduled and is completed.  Check minimum connectivity requirements before beginning to teach on the site.



Teacher hereby releases C2R and it’s employees, owners, and operators from any and all claims and damages (consequential, actual, punitive, or otherwise) with teacher’s use arising from use of platform in any capacity. C2R is not responsible for any loss, death, or damage (to data or otherwise) resulting from teacher’s use of the platform.  


Choice of Law and assignment

This agreement is governed by Texas state law.  Disputes of any kind resulting from use of the platform are to be subject to binding arbitration in Texas, which will have exclusive jurisdiction over any and all and claims arising out of the use of the platform.  Any rights under this agreement may not be transferred or assigned by teacher, but may be assigned by C2R.


Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Teacher also agrees to C2R site terms of use and privacy policy incorporated into this agreement.