This October, Care2Rock traveled the country to get the word out about our revolutionary music education platform and the work we do to help America’s youth in foster care. From Texas to California and back, we’ve made sure that everyone knows about Care2Rock!

Two weeks ago, Care2Rock attended the Texas CASA Conference in Denton, Texas. For those of you who are not aware, CASA is Court Appointed Special Advocates – an organization matching volunteers with youth in foster care to ensure that their needs are being met in all areas of their life.

Care2Rock has a very special partnership with Texas CASA. Earlier this year, the Texas State Legislature approved the allocation of state funds for CASA to obtain computers for foster youth, a near requirement for such tasks as homework and school research for these children. That program is known as Computers for CASA, and now Care2Rock’s free lessons for youth in foster care are available live and online for qualifying youth in the Computers for CASA program!

At the conference, in addition to meeting hundreds of dedicated, wonderful individuals, Care2Rock held a drawing for one lucky CASA to win a keyboard to take home! That keyboard was won by Claire (below), who was ecstatic! She will be gifting the keyboard to her grandson, who has always wanted to learn!

Last week, Care2Rock attended #SOCAP18, the Social Capital Markets conference in San Francisco, CA. SOCAP highlights the leaders in social enterprise and responsible capitalism, in areas from health to environment to education, and beyond.

Social enterprise, in case you were wondering, is simply the use of markets and profit-seeking business to solve social issues. Care2Rock is a social enterprise because we are dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth through our free lessons program, which gives no cost, live, online lessons to qualifying individuals such as youth in foster care.


It has been a blast getting to travel around and tell everyone about Care2rock.  
At the CASA conference in Denton, we met great CASA volunteers and learned about the needs for their kids in foster care.  At SoCap in San Fran, we learned what impact investors are looking for to help move the needle for so many good causes. But we need help telling others about using our service! Please help us share and spread the word about Care2Rock, because without YOU we are nothing.