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  • Chance to support music education for youth in foster care

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What is Care2Rock?

Care2Rock is a live, online music lesson platform with affordable lessons, instruments,  expert teachers across the globe, and a vision to support youth in foster care through music. Every lesson purchased provides a free year of music lessons to a child in need. 

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What is Needed?

  • Reliable internet (at least 5 mbps, upload and download speed)
  • Laptop/desktop computer
  • Interest in music and supporting youth in foster care
  • Public Social Media Profiles

What is Required?

Care2Rockstars will:

  • share their music lesson experience
  • refer friends, family, and followers
  • participate in giveaways and promotions
  • commit to 3 months minimum
  • have a minimum of 5,000 followers for at least one account (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter)
  • communicate with Care2Rock within 48 hours