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Cancel at any time with no further obligation. If you start with a free trial, you won’t be charged until 7 days – you have a full week to take your free trial lesson and you will only be charged afterward if you want to keep learning (and we know you will)!
Please reach out to with any questions.

It’s easy to get started with Care2Rock! Get started with our lesson package calculator!

Choose the instrument you’re learning and the length and number of lessons you’re taking each month. If you do not have an instrument, we will provide one for you!

Once you select your lesson package, we’ll take care of the rest from providing you the instrument to matching you with the right teacher.

When you subscribe to monthly lessons with Care2Rock, you can cancel at any time. If you choose an instrument plan, your instrument is yours to keep forever after 6 months!

If you want to cancel before then, simply ship your instrument back to us in the original packaging; we will pay return shipping if you receive your instrument and want to return it for any reason (just notify us within 24 hours). If you keep your instrument and begin lessons, we do not pay return shipping, but we will provide packing instructions for you to ship back safely (and you are free to cancel any lessons going forward). Please reach out to with any questions.

1. Go to your dashboard.
2. Click on “My Subscription”
3. Switch to whichever subscription you choose. Your subscription plan will update the next billing cycle.

Care2Rock offers lesson subscription packages designed to help students learn quickly at an affordable price.  You can select packages that include free instruments here or packages that include just lessons here.
You can also book a single lesson directly and schedule with any teacher at time of payment, but the best value is to purchase a lesson package at a discount and take your time deciding which teachers are the best fit for you.  All lessons are taken live and online at the touch of a button with Care2Rock’s cutting edge video platform.

Feel free to schedule a free meeting with the teacher you have questions for!

Simply click the “Meet Your Teacher” button to schedule a 10-minute interview with the teacher to talk through questions and concerns, with no commitment or obligation to continue.

Or, let us help! Send an email to with the subject “Help me find the right teacher”. We will send you a short survey to gauge your interest and learning style, and then suggest the 3 best fit teachers for you. Then, easily book lessons with your favorite through our portal.

On the “Take a Lesson” page, simply select skill level, age, and focus area from the dropdown menus at the top to see a list of teachers that we think would be perfect for you! If you want more information, just click on their picture to learn about their teaching philosophy, testimonials from current and former students, and watch any video content they have posted!

Of course! Go to your dashboard and click on “My Subscription” on the left-hand side. Click “Add Participant”. That will add additional credits to your account. When you’re booking your lesson, simply change the name of the participant when you get to the teacher’s calendar.

Once you complete your subscription, your instrument is yours to keep! We want to give our students the best possible opportunity to learn, and that of course means having an instrument to play!

Once you have selected and paid for a subscription package, we will help match you with the perfect teacher. Next, you are able to book lessons when convenient for you. Finally, just meet your teacher online at your booked time. Although it is optimal to take from the same teacher, you are free to take lessons from different teachers throughout your subscription period. Care2Rock makes it easy to book lessons when convenient for you. Then, just meet your teacher online at the booked time. Although it is optimal to take from the same teacher, you are free to take lessons from different teachers throughout your subscription period. Please make sure you have a good WiFi connection, on a laptop or computer with webcam and microphone capabilities for optimal learning.

Every lesson you take during your subscription period is discounted $5 off, so additional 30-minute lessons will be $27, additional 45-minute lessons will be $35, and additional 1-hour lessons will be $43. To purchase these lessons, simply go through the booking process as usual and you will be charged only up to the values above on checkout, provided that you have an active subscription. For more information about obtaining a subscription, click here.

In order to reschedule, please email your new date/time/timezone and length of lesson.

Preferably, notice should be given at least 24 hours in advance

Simply pick the package of your choice and take your first lesson free. You have a full week to book your free lesson. After 7 days, you will be charged for the subscription package you choose on a monthly basis, starting that month. The recurring charge will happen on the day you start your subscription. If you don’t enjoy your trial lesson, you can cancel with no further obligation – just notify us within 24 hours of your lesson and you won’t be charged.

If your instrument is damaged, you must notify us immediately upon receipt (within 24 hours) and we will arrange for you to ship it back to us at no cost. If you need to return your instrument for another reason, such as the cancellation of your subscription, please notify us to make arrangements to ship it back to Care2Rock. If the instrument is damaged by the customer, it is not returnable or exchangeable.

If you are an instrument + lesson subscriber and have not finished your 6-month commitment, you must ship back your instrument to cancel your plan. If you have been with Care2Rock for longer than 6 months, then that instrument is yours to keep. Lesson credits will remain in your account, but we cannot refund past payments on lessons. This goes for all plans. All payments going forward will be suspended, as you can cancel your plan at any time.

A 30-minute lesson with any teacher costs $32, a 45-minute lesson costs $42, and a 60-minute lessons costs $48. You can also purchase lessons in bundles of 4 or 8 here to receive a significant discount, or subscribe here for a free instrument.

All Care2Rock teachers meet the “Trusted Teacher” Standard™, meaning every educator on our marketplace is thoroughly vetted and background-checked. Care2Rock also goes to great lengths to ensure that our platform is fully compliant with the federal Child Online Privacy Protection Act [COPPA], as well as state law to instruct and protect children in care. Please feel free to email us with specific questions regarding compliance and customer safety.

Payment is handled via Stripe. You will need to create a Stripe account by going to your dashboard.

1. Go to your dashboard.
2. Click on “My Account”.
3. Click on “Connect with Stripe”.
4. Fill out the billing application with Stripe.
5. You will get reconnected. To confirm that Stripe is correctly connected with Care2Rock, you should see if there’s an ID in your Care2Rock account; it will look like a string of numbers after “acct_______”.

Care2Rock offers a simple messaging system for when you need to speak with your teacher. Just find your lesson on your dashboard and you will be able to contact your teacher by clicking the mail icon.

Care2Rock does not currently offer group lessons.

We offer 30-, 45-, and 60-minute lessons. Simply choose which length you want when scheduling your lesson!

When teachers sign up for Care2Rock, they agree to mentor a child in foster care for a year, unlocking their potential for future success. For more information about how we help youth in foster care, please look at the Our Cause page.

1. Start the application process.
2. After approval, you’ll receive login details to input your foster child’s information to your account.
3. After we receive this information, we will review and reach out to your references. If everything is approved, we’ll reach out to one of our teachers. Please note, that lessons can only be taken with this instructor.
4. If you approve of the teacher, we’ll send an introductory email to get your child started in lessons!

Lessons can change the lives of kids in care in profound and amazing ways.  Our founder has a 10-year track record of providing music lessons to youth in care, where hundreds of kids have transformed their lives through the power of music mentorship.  For more info about our cause and how our program changes lives, click here.

No, only youth in care are eligible for free music lessons; other students should sign up for paid lessons through Care2Rock. To find the best teacher for paying students, click here.

The first step is filling out our online teacher application here. If you are approved to teach, we will contact you and give more detailed on-boarding instructions.  Our onboard process includes creating a teacher profile, acknowledging the instructor agreement, as well as completion of an online interview.  Once you confirm that your account and profile settings are correct, as well as confirm which lessons you want to teach, we will post your profile online.  These steps can be completed very quickly, and we are here to answer any questions you may have about the onboard process.

Yes, music lessons through Care2Rock are totally free of charge for students in care.

Yes, a device with a webcam and reliable internet access are necessary to take online music lessons with Care2Rock. If this is an issue, please contact us; we will make every effort to get your student into our music lessons, however possible.  For information on requesting a computer, visit Computers for CASA at

Please discontinue your lesson if the connection is not working properly after a few minutes.  We will reschedule your lesson at no cost.

While we offer online music lessons to the general public with superior technology, we are also a social impact site that seeks to permanently change the lives of kids in foster care. Our teachers are paid to teach online customers that come to our site, but they are encouraged to volunteer to teach one child in foster care on a weekly basis – either in person or online – in addition to teaching for paying customers cultivated by the site. The bottom line is students are learning, teachers are earning, and lives are changing because of teachers like you!

We encourage teachers to volunteer, but it is not required. We aim for long-term impact, so teachers are encouraged to teach their volunteer student for a minimum of 1 year, for at most 4 times a month. Studies show that long-term mentoring has the most meaningful impact on kids in foster care. Most of our teachers only volunteer to teach 1 child, so it does not present a burden on their regular schedule.

Please contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to get an instrument for your student!

All lessons take place live and online through our custom video conference portal in the comfort of your home or office. There is no software to download and your lesson will start at your scheduled time, accessed at the touch of a button.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy that benefits all parties. Both teachers and students are expected to give at least 24 hours notice to be eligible to reschedule.  If a student fails to cancel before the 24-hour lesson window, the lesson will be marked completed by the instructor and payment will be rendered.

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