Together, we succeed.

Welcome to Care2Rock – & thank you for supporting youth in foster care.

As a foster parent, caseworker or other caregiver for children in foster care, you share a passion with Care2Rock – giving youth in care support, opportunity and encouragement.

Children in foster care who participate in the Care2Rock program can expect excellent results, based on years of research and experience. Click here to read about some of our students’ experiences.

Before applying for a child in care to participate in Care2Rock, please read through the following common questions and answers:

  1. Are music lessons free for youth in foster care? Yes, music lessons through Care2Rock are totally free of charge for students in care.
  1. What if I have one child in foster care and one biological child – are music lessons free for both? No, only youth in care are eligible for free music lessons; other students should sign up for paid lessons through Care2Rock. To find the best teacher for paying students, click here.
  1. How does Care2Rock ensure safe teachers and online security? All Care2Rock teachers are thoroughly vetted and background-checked, and Care2Rock is fully compliant with the federal Child Online Privacy Protection Act [COPPA], as well as state law to instruct children in care. Please feel free to email us with specific questions regarding compliance.
  1. How do youth in foster care receive their music lessons? If Care2Rock has approved teachers within your community, in-person lessons may be available for your child. If not, your child will be able to take online lessons through the Care2Rock website once he/she is matched with a music mentor.
  1. Do children in foster care who are taking online music lessons need a computer and internet access? Yes, a device with a webcam and reliable internet access are necessary to take online music lessons with Care2Rock. If this is an issue, please contact us; we will make every effort to get your student into our music lessons, however possible.
  1. What if my student doesn’t have an instrument? Please contact us and we’ll do whatever we can to get an instrument for your student!
  1. Are Care2Rock teachers paid for teaching youth in foster care? No, our teachers are paid to teach all other customers through Care2Rock, but they volunteer to mentor a child in care, weekly for up to a year – which means they’re awesome humans as well as gifted musicians! If we can’t match a teach with a student in care right away, then we donate $2 per lesson to a partner organization helping kids in care.  PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD TO THOSE OUTSIDE THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN TAKING PAID LESSONS SO WE CAN CONTINUE TO SERVE MORE YOUTH IN CARE FOR FREE.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us any time at

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