Welcome to Care2Rock! Let’s get your first lesson booked.

The first step to making sure you have a perfect first lesson is choosing the right teacher for you. To begin, navigate to the teacher listings by clicking on “Take a Lesson” in the header menu of the Care2Rock site.

Look through the listed profiles, paying extra care to their teaching style and educational priorities, as these will determine the success of your lesson just as much as the teacher’s ability. Remember to choose a teacher that you believe will work well with you, rather than just the most qualified teacher. You can click on a teacher’s name or photo on the search page to view their profile.


If you have narrowed the field down to a couple of options, feel free to schedule a free, 10 minute intro by clicking the “Meet Teacher” button on their profile or below their bio on the search page.


If you don’t know where to start, or want help picking the perfect teacher, email hello@care2rock.com and we will ask you a few questions about your goals and learning style, and provide you with two or three teachers who would be an excellent fit.


Once you are ready to book your lesson or intro, click either “Book Lesson” (for paid lessons) or “Meet Your Teacher” (for a free introductory session). These buttons are located below the teacher’s listing on the search page, or at the right hand side of their full profile.

Next, select your instrument and lesson length. If you are a current subscriber, make sure to note that choosing a length other than that indicated by your subscription level will result in additional fees.

First, note that the lesson length is correct in the top left. Note the calendar controls at the top, which will allow you to view in daily, weekly, or monthly view, and navigate between time periods using the arrows on the right.

Green highlighted boxes are open availability slots. This teacher, therefore, is available starting at 8:30 AM Tuesday.

To choose a time, simply click on the time you would like your lesson to start. Remember that the system will not allow you to book a lesson less than 24 hours in advance, to ensure that your teacher is well-prepared for your lesson.

Pay special attention to the options below the calendar. This is where you will add contact information for notifications routed to you or another individual taking the class, such as your child or someone you are gifting the lesson to. Also, make sure you select whether you want to record the lesson at right.

When you are confident that the lesson options and time that are selected are accurate, press “Book Now”

Make sure all of the options on the following screen are accurate, and either choose “Book Another” if you want to continue shopping or “Submit Payment” if not. If this is your first lesson, you may need to enter your credit card, even if the lesson is $0. Otherwise, you may get an error message.

Follow the instructions to check out through our easy payment system and check your email for the instructions to access the lesson! Make sure to click on “Confirm Payment” to officially book your lesson. This is the last step!

To see a list of all past and upcoming lessons, click “Dashboard” at the top right of any page on the Care2Rock site, or “My Lessons” if you are already on the dashboard page.

When it is time for your lesson, simply click on the listing in your dashboard, and enjoy! See where it is highlighted yellow in the screenshot.

If you have any issues, email hello@care2rock.com or call/text (833) 226-7625, and a Care2Rock staff member will assist you.