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It is the best bridge between people who love music and want to develop their skills in music, even if they have no resources to get the knowledge they need to make their own music. Everyone is welcomed here, no matter where you come from.

“Listen first, Teach then”. To really know how to teach a student we need first to know which are their goals, their dreams about music. Only then, we will be able to find the perfect way to make students have real fun while learning through passion and empathy to create a brilliant future.

I´m a bilingual Spanish – English music producer and sound designer with 17 years experience. My first steps in music production took place working with “The Game Kitchen”, video-games company. During my adolescence, I started developing my skills as a hip-hop producer, what helped me to know the standards in digital audio mixing and mastering. The last 8 years, I´ve been studying all the processes involved in sound design for cinema and video-games, and music copyrighting, distribution and publishing standards.   My learning, as a self-taught, has been a constant gift from a friend to friend, since my family didn’t have the chance to support me,  so, no matter where you come from you will be very welcomed here because we are here to share our power, our knowledge.

I am 33 years old, and I have always loved and still love to watch “The Simpsons” and playing video-games every week!!!

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Rory Hochstein
I had the privilege of working with David for about ten lessons and his teaching was truly exceptional. David has a gift for keeping complex audio subjects simple and helping you progress step-by-step in a friendly, encouraging manner. I went from a novice level to having a fair competence with David’s guidance. My favourite part was watching the quality of my audio piano projects go from okay to an impressive professional level! David’s good-natured humor and patience with me made our sessions so much more enjoyable. I would easily recommend working with David if you’re looking for an organized and… Read more »