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Teacher Specialties: Audio Production, Guitar, Songwriting, Voice, Piano

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These are YOUR lessons

My only priority is to make these lessons fun and interesting for you. We’ll work on your favorite music, explore topics of your curiosity, and when you’re drawing a blank, I’ll nudge you towards something I think you’ll enjoy.

Music should be fun!

That’s why we’ll start with the music you already love, making the right adjustments to match your ability level.

When we have a chance to pull in some bigger ideas, we’ll take a detour, and talk about music history, music theory, physics of sound, whatever seems interesting, to put your learning in context, and give you more to explore.

You already have everything you need to learn to play!
Come on, I’ll show you.

I’ve been working with kids for more than ten years in summer camps, classrooms, and rock and roll shows all around the country. I’ve also been playing, touring, and recording with bands, including my own project, Many Voices.

Teaching Experience (Selected):
Music Director – Camp Sabra (Rocky Mount, MO)
Instructor – Matt Burk Music (Allen, TX)
Show Director – School of Rock (Ballwin, MO; San Ramon, CA; Austin, TX)

Playing Experience (Selected):
Calliope Musicals, Austin’s 2016 Band of the Year
The Brett Hunter Band, (You might know Brett from NBC’s ‘The Voice’)
Many Voices

I was hitchhiking in France when a police car pulled off the road. We were terrified, but as it turns out, they were stopping to give us a ride!

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Jackie J

What a fun lesson! Elliot is patient, kind, and super engaging! Would be great for all ages 🙂