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Teacher Specialties: Keyboard, Audio Production, Production, Piano

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I have played keyboards with many well-known artists in all genres of music. I love to share my knowledge and experience with students eager to learn. Beginner to seasoned performer. My goal is to make learning music fun, interesting and stress-free.

Learning music should be fun. Not everyone is going to make a career of it, and not everyone wants to learn the same thing. I like to tailor the lessons to the interest of the student and make it as engaging for them as possible. Everyone is an individual, and their reasons for wanting to learn music are equally unique. I believe the power of music helps people in many aspects of their day to day lives, and I love helping make those connections.

I started piano lessons at age 4 and studied privately until I was 21. I started playing professionally at  10 years old and was a music major in college. I did my first big tour at 19 and fell in love with the thrill of playing live, and at the same time became enamored with synthesizers and the technology of the recording studio. I started working with a variety of artists as a keyboard player, producer, writer/composer and programmer, and enjoy all aspects of the music making process. I have always had students that I taught when my touring schedule allowed and I get great pleasure when a student learns a new skill or technique. There is a feeling of satisfaction when something you are teaching “clicks” with a student, and you know they fully understand what you are trying to convey.

I am a huge fan of all types of auto racing, and in my spare time, I am an avid online Sim racer.

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