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Teacher Specialties: Pop Songwriting, Keyboard, Audio Production, Production, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Guitar, Rock Songwriting, Rock Bass, Songwriting, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Piano

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I thoroughly enjoy sharing my musical knowledge and experiences with my students. Within my lessons, I strive to create a learning environment that is fun and positive but also pushes students to grow as musicians and develop their craft.

I have been teaching music since 2012. My approach is to provide students with important foundational elements and practical techniques within the context of learning and writing music that they have a passion for.

I am an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist. I have had my music broadcast worldwide on T.V., collaborated with members of the legendary hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan, and toured the United States as a performer.

An original song that I co-wrote was selected as a Semi-Finalist in the 2015 International Songwriting Competition. I also gained international attention in 2014 when, along with vocalist and collaborator Aria Pullman Ostrander, I won the beIN the Beat competition, and was flown to Miami to record at the legendary Hit Factory Criteria studio. This live recording was broadcast during the Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona soccer game.

My music has received radio play on KCSN (88.5 FM) and The Independent FM. And my achievements have been profiled in Voyage LA Magazine, Buzzbands.LA, The Deli Magazine, Arena Music, Care2Rock, Skillshare, and WeHeartMusic.

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Bill Furr
I know Jason teaches all ages and all levels of different instruments. He has been teaching my 10 year old boy piano and it’s really given Richard confidence and self esteem!! Jason has the patience to teach beginners and the great personality that keeps his student interested and engaged. It’s been difficult finding an activity that Dichards enjoys but also wants to continue. With Jason’s help and encouragement and knowledge he gives to Richard, we are on a road to a successful and happy endeavor that will last a lifetime. I could not be more appreciative to you Jason!!! Thank… Read more »
Teresa Phillips

Jason is one of the best teachers that I have come across. His sense of humor and teaching style is the best. I enjoyed my lesson with him and learned a lot. I look forwards to more lessons in the future.

oralia bazaldua

Jason has been a great teacher so far. He is very patient & encouraging. My son looks forward to his lessons. Jason seems very vested in helping his students succeed.

oralia bazaldua

My 15yo son Harley is really enjoying his piano lessons with Jason. He makes things easy to understand & is somehow motivational. After the last lesson, Harley practiced on his own without any prompting or reminding from me. Thank you.

Ali Odegard

Jason gave my 5 year old daughter her 1st piano lesson, and by the end of the 30 minutes she could do simple scales with both her hands. He was very kind and patient throughout the lesson. My daughter is very excited to practice and continue learning! Thank you, Jason!

Guillermo Trevino

I cannot say enough positive things about Jason. I started classes on acoustic guitar with him late last year and it has been well worth the subscription fee. He is very talented and makes the classes very interactive and fun. He makes himself available via email to answer any questions and his teaching skills are fantastic! I am hoping to have my son take classes with him once he is a bit older. We’ll be a dad and son rock duo for sure!

Mahalia Pascsascio

My daughter enjoys working with Jason, because he very easy for her to understand using this platform and he is very patient and thorough. He prepares material ahead of time for her to comprehend the concepts he teaches.
Excellent instructor!

Mahalia Pascsascio

Jason teaches my daughter and for only a couple of months he has been teaching my 5 1/2 year old girl play the keyboard piano and it’s really given Mahalia confidence and the ability to read music. Jason has the persistence to teach beginners and the great personality that keeps his student interested and involved. I wanted my daughter to be exposed to help with increasing her interest in Math and exposed to reading and writing music to enhance her knowledge, self-confidence in life overall. Thank you Jason!

Tisha Kramer

Jason is a very patient teacher! He is very kind to my 7 year old who always wants to jump ahead and play. He taught her ukulele in 3/4 sessions and she’s been enthralled since then. He has also written music for her and detailed follow ups. I appreciate his work.

Daniele Silva

Jason is an amazing teacher. He is patient and encouraging and always brings new things to the class!! You will learn a lot!!

Jesse Proper

Jason is an extremely patient teacher with a great attitude. He keeps my son challenged and he takes the appropriate steps to keep my 11-year old son motivated. I highly recommend Jason!

Alejandro Suarez
When looking for a teacher for a 5-year-old, I thought to myself “man who’s gonna want to do that?” Jason has from day one been consistent and extremely helpful with my little brother (age 6; he started teaching him at age 5) (keyboard). After every lesson, he leaves detailed notes, sends pdf files, and responds to emails within 1 day max. He accommodates to our troubles with scheduling and network, he even helps us out by reaching out to the reps at care2rock for any issues that arise. Truly, if you want a teacher who’s reliable, friendly, and skillful, and… Read more »
Julianna Wynn
My daughter and I absolutely love working with Jason!! He is great working with kids who are at the beginner level and is so easy to communicate with. His lessons are made easy to follow along with and practice outside of class, and his positive “you can do it” attitude has really boosted Julianna’s excitement and desire to keep learning piano more. She is even amped about creating her own music! Julianna is really shy by nature but Jason has helped bring out her confidence and I am so grateful for that. She even likes playing what she has learned… Read more »
Alvin Mahendrata

My 8 year old boy enjoys all his keyboard lessons with Jason & always looks forward to them. Thank you Jason for being such a wonderful, patient & encouraging instructor. Highly recommended! 5 stars.

Gabriel Graham

Mr. Rivera teaches my 7.5 years old son piano. He is an awesome teacher. Mr. Rivera is very patient with him and encourages him to keep practicing. He also explains how to improve his techniques. Mr. Rivera helps him with building his confidence in learning and playing the piano. He looks forward to his piano lesson each week.

Shaurya Rao

Jason is simply an amazing teacher, and extremely patient and organized. My 9yr old son Shaurya has been learning guitar with him over the last 3-4 months, and despite a long break, Jason has the attitude of a rock. He helped him restart things again, engages in a very friendly conversation, focuses on what needs progress, share post lesson teaching notes in so much detail, and I am very happy to have him guide my son, not just as a music teacher but as a very humble and a wonderful person.

Emilia Babot

My teenage son really enjoys Jason’s teaching. He is very patient, encouraging and very comfortable with instructing online. I was impressed with how he was able to fine tune what my son needed to change in his grip, in order to get the desired sound, while teaching online. I highly recommend Jason.

Sebryna Flugrath

Jason is an awesomely patient teacher! I had doubts that my 7 year old would be engaged with a virtual teacher, but Jason keeps him engaged and each class, he is moving ahead and learning so much!

Marlene Price

Jason has been a fabulous teacher. I have learned so much in the short time he has been my teacher. I love his teaching style. Cant wait to keep learning.

Yat Kan (Adam) Leung

Jason is an excellent piano teacher, his teaching style is very patient and encouraging. My 8 yo son has diverted his interest to sport after learning piano with the same teacher for some times, but now able to pick up his interest in piano again after we signed him up with Jason’s class. My son told me that he enjoys Jason’s class a lot.


“Jason is one of the best teachers that I have come across. His sense of humor and teaching style is the best. I enjoyed my lesson with him and learned a lot. I look forward to more lessons in the future.” – Teresa

“I’ve been getting guitar lessons from Jason for over six years. I highly recommend him for both beginners as well as for more experienced players who want to further their skills. Jason has a vast knowledge of all things musical, from theory to his ability to play multiple instruments to his composition work.” – Janet