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Teacher Specialties: Production, Guitar, Songwriting

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It’s really gratifying for me to share my knowledge and experience with students who aspire to learn music and to see the enthusiasm and joy that a student gets from learning their favorite song is a great feeling.




I am a very patient instructor and  I teach in a way that lets the student learn at his or her own pace. Most of my teaching is song based and focused less on the technical and more on the musical aspects. For instance, when I teach a major scale,  we learn it within the context of a chord progression or a song rather than through technical exercises.

I have taught all styles of guitar from classical and folk, to jazz, R&B/soul, to rock. I have also taught Audio Production, Songwriting, and Logic Camps at a production school in West Hollywood, as well as Music Theory at the Art Institute. I have a bachelor of music degree with a secondary education stream from The University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). I have composed music for documentaries, TV series, and Feature films and have written 2 songs on the last Carly Rae Jepsen album “EMOTION” (2015). I also look forward to bringing the wealth of knowledge I have as a touring musician with multiple Grammy award-winning artist Sarah Mclachlan,  playing on shows like The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Ellen, and the CBS Early Show.

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and am training for my first Triathlon!

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“Joe was a great teacher, he is a very experienced music producer and guitarist who has worked with renowned artists and I liked that. It truly was a great honor to have him as my teacher, he taught us very useful production tricks and how to use essential synth’s such as the UltraBeat and the EXS24 (Sampler) which i’m very thankful for. His class was well structured, clear and we definitely covered very important aspects of production and even of the music business, which I found very interesting.

“I will definitely recommend Joe as a Teacher and anyone would be lucky to have him as a teacher !”
-Juliana O.

“Joe’s a wonderful teacher whose patience and energy really makes production easy and fun. I was amazed with how much I learned in just a few classes. He’s super encouraging and taught me a lot of useful techniques and tricks that I use everyday! ”

-Grace S.