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Teacher Specialties: Pop Songwriting, Soul, Classical Voice, Songwriting, Voice, R&B Songwriting, Rock/Pop/Alt Voice

I’ve always had a passion for music, but I have an even greater passion in sharing music skills with others. The main reason I chose to study and pursue music professionally is because I wanted to inspire and motivate others to feel free enough to do the same. If I can help someone realize their musical power, whether they have aspirations of a music career or not, I feel that I am living in my purpose as a human being and artist. I want to help students discover their capabilities, grow in their art, and become confident in who they are. All of the biggest stars are just talented people who’ve worked hard to get where they are, and I feel my students can be the same.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect, intentional practice makes perfect. In order to really grow and reach your goals you have to be clear about what you want, where you want to be, and what it takes to get there!

I have always studied music and performed, leading me to earn my B.A. in music from Spelman College and my M.M. from Berklee College of Music. While at Spelman I trained as a classical soprano also studying contemporary styles such as jazz, musical theatre, pop and R&B. While there I was able to conduct and privately coach both one on one and in ensembles. I’ve also worked with younger children through community service initiative programs. While earning my masters in Valencia, Spain, I performed across the city for audiences as small as 20 but as large as hundreds. I wrote and co-produced my debut EP “Dear 7even”, and currently have worked as an international songwriter, performer, and social media influencer.

I’m obsessed with elephants!

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