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Teacher Specialties: Viola, Violin, Cello, Double Bass

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Full Time Teacher with openings for homeschooling children and or morning lessons for all ages.

Michelle teaches cello, double bass, viola, and violin. She has studied these instruments for approximately nineteen years, and has taught for eight years. She has worked for Gwinnett School of music, Music and Arts, and Music Matters After School. She has also participated in various orchestras in Georgia, and Wisconsin. While taking lessons with Michelle you will learn to properly play your instrument while learning to sight read or play by ear. In addition you will learn how to compose your own sheet music. Her lessons includes instrument techniques including different genres, and music theory.

I specialize in teaching strings to kids & adults age 4 & up. Yes you can start at any age

Lessons should be fun, and you should enjoy it more and more each time you come. That is why I teach not only classical music, but current popular music that is played on the radio. I like to hear the students opinions, and see their reaction when they play songs they can recognize. Sure technique, and and posture is taught, but it is in a fun safe environment. I also teach that it is okay to make a mistake. There is no judgment in my class, and if you need more time or more help then that is what you get.

I started teaching violin, viola, cello, and double bass in 2009. I taught in many music schools in Georgia including; Gwinnett School of Music, Music and Arts, Jackson’s Music, and the Fine Arts Academy at Douglasville 1st United Methodist Church. During this time I also taught 4 elementary after school programs with Music Matters After School along with a community orchestra with Douglasville 1st United Methodist Church on the weekend for children and adults. I also taught general music at Destiny Christian Academy where I also taught art to preschool and elementary kids. In addition I helped with 2 summer camps, music camp – were I taught the violin class and arts camp, for the Fine Arts Academy with Douglasville 1st United Methodist Church.

Exciting news- I am also working on my own book in large print and color coded notes!!!!

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Alexis Robl

wonderful teacher I would definitely recommend her for any age or level.