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Teacher Specialties: Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Songwriting, Electric Guitar, Blues Guitar, Ukulele

Music is a fantastic vehicle for communication. It’s a conversation we develop with ourselves & those around us. My goal is to tend to increase the joy, power, sublimity and countless attributes that music elicits from the human heart.

I have the awareness to work with the students strengths and weaknesses, to get to know what music the STUDENT likes and use songs by those artists as examples of the techniques at hand. My own flexibility is paramount to nurture to the needs of the student, not the other way around. I have not lost touch to know what it is like to learn something difficult that demands attention, patience and time.

Reading music will be addressed as progress, skills and desires develop. PDF’s of materials will be regularly sent for lessons. For beginners, Hal Leonard Guitar Method will be used if we venture into reading standard music notation. The joy and satisfaction one receives playing music of their heroes never loses its charm, let alone creating your own too!

“This is the wonder of music and the roles it plays in life: to date I have been playing guitar for 38 years. Teaching for 34 years. Somehow there is still a universe within to discover! Music is prayer, conversation and contemplation.”

From 2002 to 2008 Paul toured worldwide with Austin Texas duo Spoken Groove, releasing  5 CD’S. His Metal band Renegade/Mas Optica released numerous recordings from 1986-1993. A 2018 re-release of Renegade’s “Social Pressure” brought this ’89 release new life. 4 solo CD’s released under Paul Finley are easily found on streaming platforms.

He’s taught guitar clinics in the U.S., England, Germany and Australia. A former faculty member and graduate of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, Paul has studied w/guitar legends Michael Hedges & Ben Verdery.

A young Canadian boy named Justin Bieber was one of the many pupils Paul helped nurture along on his years on the road with his band Spoken Groove.

Cliff Burton, bassist on the first 3 Metallica albums gave me the idea to go to music school. I had met him in 1986 on the Master Of Puppets tour. He was one of my big idols even though he was not a guitarist. Such musicality Cliff had. A true ground breaker. His advice of school, jazz and theory was brief but absolutely life changing for me.

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Max Hambly

As as an adult student with some basic knowledge and ability, Paul has really helped to break me out of a rut and take my playing to the next level. He is excellent at communicating concepts and theory in ways that are easy to absorb and retain. My playing has consistently improved since starting lessons with Paul. He has great focus and a positive style which make every lesson a pleasure. I highly recommend Paul as a guitar teacher.