In honor of Father’s Day, we are highlighting a new dad, David Martinez Bernabe, one of our audio production teachers. David is the definition of a super dad. He’s built a production studio out of nothing and seamlessly manages father duties and production projects. To all the dads who do too much and balance it all, thank you!

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Congratulations on becoming a father! How is fatherhood these days?

Let’s say that I’m trying to build my daughter’s education over a foundation full of respect, comprehension, and love. These three values represent for me the most important starting point for a person to have a brilliant future that can illuminate others life.

How are you balancing fathership duties and your production business?

Well, let’s be clear, definitely sleeping less. As a freelancer I do most of my work at home, where I also have a professional studio, but it happens that, when you work with audio, you need very quiet surroundings to work properly, so that is taking me some time to work until late at night, having to wake up early to take care of my baby since my wife is working too.

The trick to balance is not to rush. This is not something you can achieve in one day or a week. You will need at least one or two months to adapt your life to the new situation, but you can do it for sure, it is just a matter of effort and love for everything.

Do you plan on putting your daughter in future music classes as well?

That would be amazing if she wants to do it. I’ll feel very honored if she grows up like me, but this is something that I decided to do because it was in me, since I was born, so we still need to discover her passions and skills.

Other than being a father, what has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment at this moment of my life is that my work is my passion. It is an amazingly long path of hard work and a neverending rollercoaster of constant learning. And to be honest, getting here was quite difficult without anyone’s support, but it also makes you feel more proud of it once you get it.

I still remember when I was a child and I dreamed many times with becoming a video-game or film composer, which I also felt that was unreachable for me, a kid with no parents support and no musical education. When I look back now, it is still hard for me to believe.

How did you get started in music?

Video-games industry in the 90’s was my main inspiration source when I started creating my first original music tracks. At the age of 16, I joined a team of digital developers called “Time-scratchers” (now “The Game Kitchen”) where I spent most of my time creating music for algorithmically generated graphics, the kind of stuff we could see in the “demo scene”.

A few years later I started to feel attracted by sound design and foley, elements that have also a predominant place in every digital production these days. I feel that there is an infinite path of research and education about audio and music. For me, this is an amazing power that keeps me awake and willing to learn new techniques and new sounds to create the future of music and sound in every platform.

There’s no doubt that music improves brain development; what are your thoughts on incorporating musical studies in a child’s education?

Music is discipline, music is math, music is listening deeply, music is art, creation, almost magic. Yes, music is very important for a child’s education. What is more, it is very important to everyone despite their age, because music brings empathy. This is a great value that we are missing nowadays with the competitive ways of life that we are forced to live.

I really think that music should have an important place in children’s education, especially with kids under 7 years, as they are more perceptive about the emotional feeling of music, which can improve their creativeness and positive thinking.