A world traveler and avid student of world music, Kaya is one of our most talented songwriters and vocalists. Kaya recently wrote and co-produced her debut EP “Dear 7even”, which you can listen to here.  Check out what she has to say about the experience of an international musician.

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What does it mean to be an international songwriter?

To be an international songwriter means to have the ability to write for artists across borders, languages, and even genres. It also means understanding other cultures, their art process, and how to incorporate that into your own creations.

How have you developed international connections?

Living and performing overseas helped me both develop an international fan base and connect with producers and writers from other countries. I still keep in contact and work with them!

Where has been your favorite place to travel or perform?

So far I will say Paris, France was my favorite place to travel to. Somewhat cliche, but the romance and culture of the city is very powerful and I loved it. Plus the crepes! I enjoyed performing in Spain more than the states (sorry!) In Spain the audiences are so welcoming and giving. At times they made me feel like a celebrity just for singing popular covers.

Music tastes must be so different across the pond! Can you provide some examples of what makes each country’s music style unique?

Actually I found  that in Spain and France, people are very appreciative of the American music industry. They enjoy hip hop, R&B, pop, country, jazz, the blues, even gospel music. Even while I lived or visited abroad I was still able to find a home away from home for my own music culture. Some music I saw and fell in love with abroad included EDM, Spanish pop music, and afrobeat. Spain has a very unique style because they have a strong culture, and have found a way to bring that to popular styles of music that can transcend borders. They also have many people from diverse cultural backgrounds who bring their style to the country, creating a love for reggae, reggaeton, afrobeat and bachata.

Do you think culture influences the music choice or do you think music influences culture?

I think its a never ending cycle of music influencing culture and culture influencing music. I do think the cycle originated with music being born from a culture and as genres became solidified they then influenced people. As the culture grew and developed it only poured into the creation of music more and vice versa.