Every customer who books a lesson with Care2Rock is helping a child in foster care succeed! Our founder’s past program for youth in foster care achieved a 100% high school graduation rate over a three year period for program participants.  Read below what teachers and foster parents have to say about the impact that music lessons have on youth in care.

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“Serving as a mentor/teacher for the past 5 years has been an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. Working with young students, I’ve seen the tremendous positive influences that music studies and activities can have on kids. In addition to encouraging and rewarding healthy forms of personal expression, music studies can also have a great impact on a kid’s sense of confidence and accomplishment as well as creating a sense of connection and belonging with fellow young musicians. I also feel like I’ve learned just as much or more from our lessons and performances together and I’ve seen the impact that one can have on a young student by simply being a reliable, encouraging figure in their life. It’s definitely one of the best experiences ever and I very highly recommend it to teachers and students alike!”

Alan R.

“Students in foster care who get the benefit of a music mentor are more likely to see college as an option, more likely to see they are important, that they are special, that they matter to someone. Being a music mentor is so much more than just teaching someone how to play twinkle, twinkle little star. It’s about helping them see they can reach them.”

Julie F.

“Many kids in foster homes have a lot of emotions that are tough to get out. [Music for them] is a good thing; it provides them with an opportunity to learn an instrument and express what’s in their heart.”

Michael Franti

My child’s instructor has not only profoundly opened his musical abilities up and made it fun but he is also a life mentor who has taught him dedication, discipline, grace and accomplishment through hard work. We feel very blessed that he is part of our lives.”

Foster parent