Our founder, Karyn Scott, has been bringing the gift of music to children in foster care for years. Here, learn about the transformative capabilities of music how she did, from a youth named Elizabeth.

“Back when I started Kids in a New Groove, also known as KING (a non-profit dedicated to bringing music lessons to youth in foster care), I saw the power of music first hand and how it could change the lives of kids in foster care. I was hosting a luncheon on behalf of KING and the legendary Producer of Austin City Limits, Terry Lickona, was the speaker. Terry had his own feelings about how important music is to the city of Austin, but as he spoke, I saw one of the teens, Elizabeth, from our program busily writing something in the corner. With her suspenders and pink hair, she looked like any busy teenager trying to find her way in a complicated world. I approached her quietly and asked her if she had any thoughts on what our music program meant to her. She looked up from her notebook and said “I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for my music teacher and this program.” it can be hard to believe that music could truly be life saving for someone like Elizabeth. An emotional outlet, a friend who is always there, a skill that nobody can take away, comfort in her darkest hours. Elizabeth was the first person to tell me that taking lessons with us literally saved her life. We can spread so much good to kids in foster care through music, but we need your support first! Think about trying lessons with Care2rock, or giving them as a gift to someone who could use a little music in their lives. You can get started with us by clicking here. Take that first step today! You have nothing to lose and so much music to gain.”