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Teacher Specialties: Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Pop Songwriting, Keyboard, Audio Production, Production, Piano, Songwriting, Voice, R&B Songwriting, Rock/Pop/Alt Voice, Piano

I love the strong connection my students and I share through music. As part of my job, I enjoy seeing how they develop, compose, learn and successfully apply what we learned in class in their own work and projects.

My teaching philosophy is to adapt to the needs of my student. I try not to be too hard since what I want is my students to feel comfortable and safe with music. I want them to know that as well as this is a discipline it is also a pleasure!


I studied classical piano performance for 15 years in the Russian Conservatory Katarina Gurska and obtain the bachelor’s degree in Piano performance and composition. Later, I wanted to extend my musical skills to unexplored surroundings and I ventured myself into another Bachelor’s Degree in Film Scoring and Music Production at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

As well as attending college and conservatory I have been working in many music studios and film production sets. This is something I truly loved since it gave me an incredible view of how POWERFUL and NECESSARY music is!


How I began my career in music:

I was an adopted child coming from Moldavia, I was really quiet and scared of the world. One night my parents took me to their friend’s house for a very fancy dinner and they sat me in their gigantic concert piano.

They all went to the room next to me to start the dinner. Suddenly one of my parents’ friend said: “Oh! How lovely this song is! I didn’t realize I turned the radio on!”…However, they stumbled when they saw the radio wasn’t on.

It was me playing on the piano, imitating exactly the pieces my parents used to play for me.

On that night we all discovered music was my escape and home.

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