What one activity can improve the lives of retirees and seniors all over the world? Researchers from Germany and Switzerland have teamed up to prove what we all know — that music lessons are as powerful in improving the lives of seniors as they are for children!

Specifically, Dr. Eckart Altenmüller and his team hope to establish evidence that music lessons cause a change called neuroplastic adaptation in seniors — something that has been documented in younger adults and children. Basically, even one music lesson can create new connections in the brain, resulting in improved cognitive factors or up to a few weeks! The researchers are hoping to see improvement in many areas of the study participants’ lives, from decreased depression to improved memory and mental control.

This is just one of many studies currently being conducted about the benefits of music and other creative activities for seniors, and we have seen some very promising early results! To learn more, please click here to read an interview with Dr. Altenmüller!